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Reason to Thrive

Reason to Thrive is a not-for-profit organisation that provides Equine Assisted Learning life-skills programs to young people, who are at-risk of disengagement from formal education, family, or community, as well as women and their families whose lives have been impacted by a range of trauma, grief, loss, abuse, mental-health issues, family/domestic violence.

Our Mission

To build individual resilience through recovery and prevention programs, utilising hands-on Equine Assisted Learning ground-based activities, to support vulnerable and disengaged people in our community.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) programs for youth and female domestic violence survivors.

3:45 duration

Reason to Thrive’s EAL program is robust and evidence-based, but most importantly, offers effective and fast improvements in students' wellbeing, which is reflected in their more settled behaviors back in the school environment.

The program has offered students key learnings in self-regulation, persistence, communication skills and team-work. Students love coming to the program, as many have little contact with animals, or rural settings. Students report increased self-confidence, learning to work better with others and making new friends, as highlights of the program.

Teaching staff have reported that students are displaying more prosocial behaviors in the classroom, have an improved attitude towards their schoolwork, and seem more confident. Pre- and post-group assessments have shown that all students self-reported improvements in their wellbeing, as measured by the WHO5 Measure of wellbeing index.

Susan CameronCounsellor/HEAL Therapist St. James College, Brisbane

Without the team at Reason to Thrive, I wouldn’t have found my self-confidence again – I am sure. I’ve developed a safe, understanding compassion for myself. I’ve come so far. I have met 6 very brave women who came together each and every session of the 8wk program, and they are now very dear friends. This program has connected me with others and showed me that it is OK to trust others again.
Thank you to the team at Reason to Thrive. You have taught me so much and reminded me I am a strong and capable woman, mother, daughter, sister and colleague. I am me.


The Equine Assisted Learning program delivered by Reason to Thrive has provided an important group-based opportunity for our young people, impacted by refugee-related torture and trauma, to develop self-confidence, build problem solving skills and increase trust in themselves, their counsellors and each other, as they participated in activities with the horses and group facilitators.

The participants were able to reflect on their experiences with the horses, and relate these lessons to their lives, to increase their understanding of themselves and their relationships. It has been a privilege to see and hear how these young people have grown as they overcame obstacles in working alongside their horses. The facilitators have shown sensitivity to the cultural and personal needs of our clients, and in doing so, created a learning environment which is trauma-informed, recovery-focused and culturally safe.

Liz GordonSenior Leader – Individual and Family Recovery, QPASTT

Reason to Thrive’s “Re-Build” program is honestly amazing. I feel like it has helped me to open up a lot about the experiences I’ve been through. It has allowed me build trust with the other women in the program, and working with the horses has really helped in my journey in loving and trusting myself, and others around me. It’s helped me maintain a job, work on my friends and build trust. Improving myself through your hands-on self-learning sessions has been so uplifting for me.


Equine Assisted Learning is a powerful way to get in touch with thoughts and feelings and access the kinaesthetic approach to learning.

This EAL program provided our students with a sense of calm, and strengthened their sense of self-efficacy, which is central to success in all aspects of life. Our students beamed and felt blessed with having the opportunity to work with the team of horses at Reason to Thrive. Not only did the experience improve their confidence and leadership skills, but it also provided them with a touch-stone, or beacon of light, that they will never forget.

Kimmi NaidooSecondary Intensive Education Coordinator, Australian International Islamic College

My time with Reason to Thrive will always be something I hold on to dearly. Not only did the sessions teach me about my strengths and limitations, it gave me the tools and space to explore these. They gave me a new narrative about who I was at my core and who I’m working on to become. Confidence, trust, and courage were some of the main blocks I needed to achieve. Reason to Thrive’s EAL program gave me a safe space to not only know that I could survive, but also thrive. The world is a better place because of your whole team and the assistance you provide.


Our programs


EAL Youth Maverick Program

Our EAL “Maverick” Life-Skills program supports youth aged 10-18 years, who have been identified by counsellors, social/case workers as being at-risk of disengagement from formal education, family or community.

EAL Re-Build Women’s Program

Our EAL “Re-Build” Empowerment program supports women and their families who have been impacted by a range of trauma, grief, abuse, loss, incarceration, mental health issues, domestic/family violence.

EAL Men of Tomorrow Program

Our EAL “Men of Tomorrow” program, that specifically targets young men aged 17-25yrs of age, is currently in its final stages of development.

Equine Assisted Learning can help empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a hands-on, innovative and practical way for a person to gain personal development and build essential life skills, with all learning taking place in an outdoor classroom, with a horse as your teacher.

Together, through positive interaction and teamwork, participants and equine teachers will work through a series of objective-driven, ground-based activities (no riding), to achieve specific outcomes, so that each person learns about themselves, their strengths, their personality, and the energy they give out to everyone around them.

Our goal from Day 1 has been to always provide fully-funded programs to every vulnerable, disengaged person in our community, referred to us from support agencies and organisations across SEQld.  

Through making our valuable life-skills programs available at no-cost to every participant, we are supporting these individuals to be able gain the essential tools that will allow them to recover, and move forward in life, and build a brighter, more promising future for themselves and their families.

Our Partners

Reason to Thrive partners support fully-funded EAL life-skill programs for at-risk youth and women impacted by family and domestic violence, playing a vital role in making a positive impact on their lives.