Equine Assisted Learning “Re-Build” Life-Skills Development Program for Women

Our EAL”Re-Build” program has been specifically designed for women who are rebuilding their lives after having been impacted by a range of trauma, grief, abuse, loss, domestic/family violence, or mental health issues.

This program provides an opportunity for women to work alongside our horse ‘teachers’ to build self-confidence, self-worth, resilience, emotional regulation, improved communication skills, trust, and the mental health and well-being to be able to regain their voice, identity and life…. as well as so much more!

Potential Outcomes


Participants in the program will enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem, build positive relationships, make healthy lifestyle choices, and foster trust, respect, and personal integrity. They will also develop empathy, rediscover their voice and identity, and recognise that dwelling on the past can hinder progress.

Leadership & Empowerment

The program empowers individuals to discover their inner leadership abilities and build authentic leadership skills. They learn how to become positive role models and cultivate trust and empathy in their interactions.

Personal Growth

Participants are encouraged to embrace creativity and innovation, accept accountability and responsibility, and understand the benefits of effective communication. They also discover the importance of communicating their vision with direction as they continue their journey of self-discovery and growth.

Program Information

Program Duration

  • Our EAL program runs for 6 – 8wks.  Each weekly session runs for 90mins, at the same time, and same day, each week of the program.

Program Availability

Access to our benevolent EAL Women’s “Re-Build” program is by referral only from a Women’s Support Agency, or Not-For-Profit Women’s Organisation.

Program Location

Kholo, Qld 4306.

Participant Feedback

Teigan's Story

I have absolutely no regrets in making my choice to do your amazing EAL “Re-Build” program – a unique program that helped me find myself and create a whole new me.

I do remember before your program started, I was wondering where I was in life, and why I was too scared to move on, or be more within myself. I was lost; unable to find certain parts of what my life was as a woman. This had been taken from me.

I signed up to your “Re-Build” program to face my fears and try something new, and boy that’s exactly what I got! I went from being too scared to walk a Shetland pony, to walking blindfolded next to a giant horse!

Though I faced different fears and challenges every week of the program, I still came back. I was determined not to give up.

I have taken so much back home with me from having done your program. As a mother, it’s allowed me to open up more with my children; communication between us now is unreal. Though I still have a massive journey ahead of me, I am now not afraid to push through; I am allowed to love myself.

Thank you Reason to Thrive for helping me be a stronger and better me.

Fiona's Story

Having completed Reason to Thrive’s EAL “Re-Build” program in 2020, I can honestly attest that their program has been an instrumental part in my recovery from years of Coercive Control, and DFV.

The fundamental skills of trust, confidence, self-esteem, communication and teamwork have all been re-established back into my own life.

Through working with the wonderful horses in this hands-on, experiential learning program, I was able to heal mentally and recover those skills I had lost over the past 15 years.

These gentle, trusting and non-judgemental equine teachers instilled in me the resilience and strength to know that I can now achieve anything I put my mind to. Thanks to them, I have gained the confidence and belief in myself to take on significant roles again in my career. I am not only more confident in myself, but also in my ability to build strong and positive personal and business relationships.

Although this is the first program I’ve seen that looks at the psychological trauma that’s caused by Coercive Control and DFV, it is a program that can support ALL women in our community who are on the road to recovery from any form of trauma and/or grief in their lives.

I am so grateful for the personal skills that I have taken away with me from working with the horses in this program– essential skills that have helped give me a bright future, not only for myself, but my family.

Program Brochure

Please click on the link below to access our Equine Assisted Learning Women’s “Re-Build” program brochure. Please contact us to learn more

Wish to Sponsor a Program?

If you would like to know how you can support our charity and benevolent life-skills programs by becoming a program sponsor, then please email julie@reasontothrive.org

Our Partners

Reason to Thrive partners support fully-funded EAL life-skill programs for at-risk youth and women impacted by family and domestic violence, playing a vital role in making a positive impact on their lives.