Equine Assisted Learning “Maverick” Life-Skills Development Program for At-Risk Youth

This EAL “Maverick” program has been specifically designed for young people at-risk of becoming, or who have become, disengaged from formal education, family, community.

Our program provides an opportunity for young people, aged between 10-18 years, to work alongside our horse ‘teachers’ to build resilience, self-confidence, self-worth, trust, improved communication skills, ability to self- regulate emotions and/or behaviour, begin to set healthy boundaries, build strong, positive relationships to guide them going forward, and so much more!

Not everyone learns within a traditional classroom environment.  All of our youth support agencies have said that the success of our program is due to all self-learning, and skills building, taking place in an outdoor classroom, with a non-judgemental horse as the life- skills teacher.  It is this unique, practical modality of self-learning that suits the different personalities and learning styles of their clients.

Potential Outcomes

Emotional & Behavioural Skills

Participants in the program will develop essential emotional and behavioral skills. They will learn to self-regulate their emotions and behaviours in various situations, accept responsibility for their actions, and become more resilient, enabling them to adapt to change with confidence.

Interpersonal & Relationship Skills

With this program, individuals will focus on enhancing their interpersonal and relationship skills. They will build self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth, develop the tools to create positive and strong relationships, and learn the importance of trust, respect, and personal integrity in fostering well-being and mental health.

Interaction & Problem-Solving Skills

Participants will acquire a diverse set of professional and problem-solving skills in this program. They will develop authentic leadership skills, master negotiation and effective communication, and cultivate creative and innovative thinking. Additionally, they will learn how to work effectively in a team and develop strong decision-making abilities, equipping them for success in various professional endeavours.

Program Information

What age group is this program created for?

Our “Maverick” program is created for children and young people aged 10-18 years old.

Program Duration

  • Our EAL program runs for 6 – 8wks. Each weekly session runs for 90mins, at the same time, and same day, each week of the program.

Program Availability

Access to our benevolent EAL Youth “Maverick” program is by referral only from a Youth Support Agency, or Not-For-Profit Youth Organisation.

Program Location

Kholo, Qld 4306.

Participant Feedback

16 year old participant

Throughout the program I have learnt a variety of new skills that I can use when communicating with people. Some of these is to be more confident with my speaking and always attempt to participate in conversation.  I have also learnt to have a determined thought process, as this helped me to work with the horses, and will also help me with study, as you must be determined to get it done.

From this program I have learnt to interact more with the younger grades, as I must set myself as a role model, and show confidence in my ability to lead. In conclusion, I have learnt to have confidence in my ability to talk, have a determined thought process, and to lead by an example for the younger grades.

14 year old participant

Reason to Thrive’s “Maverick” program is a once in a lifetime experience that I am grateful for.  I absolutely loved it and I wish I could do it again. I had such an amazing time working with the other boys as a team, and spending quality time with the different horses, ponies and donkeys.  

This program taught me important things mentally, physically, and socially. It helped me develop confidence, teamwork, problem solving skills, communication skills, strength, and a love for horses!  Thank you so much for the wonderful adventure.  I would definitely recommend this to other students because I know for sure that they will enjoy it as well, and they will make the same great memories I did.

Program Brochure

Please click on the link below to access our Equine Assisted Learning Youth “Maverick” program brochure. Please contact us to learn more.

Wish to Sponsor a Program?

If you would like to know how you can support our charity and benevolent life-skills programs by becoming a program sponsor, then please email julie@reasontothrive.org

Our Partners

Reason to Thrive partners support fully-funded EAL life-skill programs for at-risk youth and women impacted by family and domestic violence, playing a vital role in making a positive impact on their lives.